Lawrence Crosier

Compiling NIST SP 800-22 on Windows

While I prefer working on native "Unix" compatible systems; it is sometime necessary to run a bit of test code on a Windows system. Here is how I got this NIST test suite to run on a 64 bit copy of Windows 10. I have no affiliation with NIST, MSYS2, or Microsoft. This was just a personal exercise.

The first step is to download all the necessary source code and software:

  • NIST Statistical Test Suite
  • MSYS2 x86 64
  • Next, I installed MSYS2 to C:\msys64 , and created a desktop shortcut to C:\msys64\mingw64.exe.

    I opened mingw64 and ran the following command in the terminal “pacman -Syu”. This updated the base packages. I then had to reboot, and run the command a second time to make sure no updates were missed.

    Since NIST provides a GCC Makefile, the next thing to do is install the GNU C Compiler and Make. To do this run the following command in the MINGW64 terminal: "pacman -S gcc make"

    Finally, unzip the NIST source code, and enter the following into the terminal: "cd " folder name to change to that directory, "make clean", and "make". This will compile assess.exe!

    Run the following for interactive mode with 10,000 bits: "./assess.exe 10000".